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About us

The story of Delicasa - a boutique cheese deli by day, a wine bar in the evening with kosher wineries, premium and delicatessen cheeses with an emphasis on excellent raw materials and a presentation full of beauty.

Complete a culinary experience in style with cheese boxes and trays

Premium for air or gift.

Our cheese boxes were born out of a vision to turn a gift or hospitality into real art because we at Delicasa love fine cheeses, good wine and a classy lifestyle.

Our branch is in Ramat Gan at 5 Rambam Square St. The place is kosher under the supervision of the Ramat Gan Rabbinate.

Delicasa gift card

hosts? A friend celebrating a birthday?

Housewarming? Your girlfriend after giving birth?

Or just spoil your boyfriend with love?

For any occasion it is always good to have a Delicasa gift card

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