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Wine glasses

rosé wine

Ella Rosa image

Ella Rosa

Fruity and light. A long and interesting ending


Vienna Ensignia Rosa image

Vienna Ensignia Rosa

Raspberries and peaches. Easy, fun and fresh.


Chateau La Regan Rose image

Chateau La Regan Rose

Light, pleasant and fruity


Galil Rosa image

Galil Rosa


VILLA CAPE רוזה image


רוזה בארומות סוכריות עם סיומת ארוכה וטעמים של חמוציות


White wine

Chateau La Regan white image

Chateau La Regan white

An explosive aroma, light and floral with a rather long finish.


kombayo chenin blanc image

kombayo chenin blanc

Sweet and fruity. Fun and pleasant to drink.


white spring  image

white spring

Fruity, refreshing and with an excellent aroma.


Pino Grigio image

Pino Grigio

Floral scent and fruity green tste of apple and pear


Gamla Blanco image

Gamla Blanco

Shows aromatic characteristics of flowers, citrus and tropical fruits with subtle hints of green tea. This is a wonderful screen wine with a medium body and very refreshing to drink


ירדן גוורץ image

ירדן גוורץ

מתקתק ומורכב. רענן וכיפי לשתיה


Red wine

Red Aviv image

Red Aviv

young and fruity. Cherry and berries.


Ella red image

Ella red

Full and complex taste. Powerful smell


sforno Malbek image

sforno Malbek

Fresh and tasty. Drys the mouth in an excellent way.


Chateau La Regan Red image

Chateau La Regan Red

Smooth and easy to drink. Cherry, raspberry and tobacco


Galil Syrah image

Galil Syrah

An aromatic red wine with aromas of blackberries. A seductively textured wine with a long finish


Heranza Sami Crianza image

Heranza Sami Crianza

Fruity, acidic and elegant.


Opening Hours

Between Sunday and Thursday: 18:00 to 00:00

Friday: 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m

Mochash: one hour after leaving Shabbat - 0:00

Happy Hour

Happy Hour between Sunday and Thursday from 18:00 to 20:00. 20% discount on alcohol and food menu

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